United Nations Population Fund


Voices of Women of African Descent

Women leading the charge for climate justice in Africa

UNFPA required editing, design and layout services for key reports to help communicate their progress towards Sustainable Development Goals 3, 5, 10, 16 and 17. Additionally, we provided branding and web development to support the development of an effective visual identity and digital presence. It was fundamental that the work developed aligned with UNFPA’s long-term strategic plan and the UNFPA Leaving No One Behind strategy.

Translation | Social media | Layout

A platform for voices to shine

We delivered editorial, design and layout services that emphasised the human impact of UNFPA’s work and strengthened their position as a thought leader. Each asset and document references a piece of advocacy work delivered by the UNFPA Initiative for People of African Descents and aligned with UNFPA’s strategic communications plan and their Leave No One Behind strategy.


Content to influence design

Textures and patterns were used to celebrate the diverse and varying cultures served by UNFPA’s initiatives. These were consistently deployed across all project products, from social media to report design.



Emissions Gap Report 2023


Clean water for all!

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