CLIENT: United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction(UNDRR) PROJECT: International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction Making early warning for all a reality UNDRR’s International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction advances global disaster resilience, emphasising strides towards sustainability and resilience. The focus in 2022 was on Target G of the Sendai Framework, which aims to enhance […]


CLIENT: United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA ) PROJECT: Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend 2022–2023 Key Results booklet Illustrating impact UNFPA needed a more engaging style for their year-end results booklet and sought an accessible, yet culturally sensitive, visual identity to share their impact and achievements from the past year. Illustration | Digital and print design […]


CLIENT: United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) PROJECT: Data Must Speak series Illustrating for the education sector UNICEF’s Data Must Speak (DMS) global initiative, implemented in 2014, is a series of reports that analyses administrative data in developing countries to uncover key links between school resources and performance, guide policy decisions and focus educational investments. To […]

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